NIV Psalm 78.62

Verse Psalm 78.62

62 He gave his people over to the sword; he was furious with his inheritance.

Verse Psalm 78.62 He Gave His Peop

Sheldon Salinas opinion on Verse Psalm 78.62 He Gave His Peop

As a believer, the Almighty God expects you to be a board to the people around you in plain godliness, so that you can bring them to the right way through your ways of life, actions and so on. You should be responsible to the kingdom of heaven, the glorious home that you have to show to others, so that they will not miss it at the end of the day, when judgement comes. For this to happen, then you must have known the Truth, and the Way yourself because you cannot give to others what you do not have, and so the requirement is your own salvation. Before the coming of Jesus, people lived as men of darkness, doing what they liked and how they liked it, this was because the devil was in control of the thoughts of man.

God says in the Bible that He knows the thoughts He has towards the beloved, it is of good and not of evil, but you should know that the thoughts of the devil are evil. These thoughts he puts in a person, and he begins to think of evil deeds and actions against another person, group or community, but Christ has been made available. Israel was a chosen people of God, a nation set aside by the Most High Himself so that they could be a worthy example of righteousness to the rest of the earth. Unfortunately, the failed at some points in their duty to maintain their spiritual balance, as they usually fell back to sin most times they were left to their own. Right from the days of Moses and Joshua, the people had been punished for the sin of idolatry among others, and God was unhappy about that.

David in his songs, the book of Psalms chapter 78, tried to show the kind of relationship that existed between the assembly of the Israelites and God, dating back to history. God was always clear on His Stand to them all, telling them that they must not do lots of things because He would count them on their heads as iniquities that attracted punishment. Most times, their leaders interceded for them, somebody like Moses pleased on their behalf before God, so that the punishment of the people could be taken away. Joshua too appeared to lead them in the Right Way after he made them promise publicly that just like him, the Lord God of their fathers would be their God for the rest of their lives.

The Bible says that He let His people taste the suffering of battles and defeats in the hands of foreign lands, who forced themselves on Israel and began to rule with aggression. This means that God can use any method that He likes to bring you back to His Presence, if it appears that you are wandering off the Track. David said in the book of Psalms chapter 23 that the Rod and Staff in the Hands of God were there to comfort and guide him through, and they were symbolic to him. The whole point is that He is not denying a believer of his heritage, but whenever he is down, there is a must to bring him up back again on his feet.

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