NIV Psalm 97.2

Verse Psalm 97.2

2 Clouds and thick darkness surround him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne.

Verse Psalm 97.2 Clouds And Thick

Adeline Hebert opinion on Verse Psalm 97.2 Clouds And Thick

The book of Psalms is a collection of the songs, poems and thoughts of King David which were meant to express his sorrow and grief, happiness and fears all directed to God. David was a feared and respected king and military leader and his country Israel was the most productive and powerful country of his time. Other nations used to be amazed at how mighty Israel is since each time they went to war, they offered burnt sacrifices to their idols only to be slaughtered like sheep when they challenged the Israelites. However Israel did not have idols or magicians, their strength lay in the Almighty God who they would consult before going to war.

The Lord God of Israel is a powerful God and even the neighbouring rival nations of Israel acknowledged his power. From this verse, King David gives us a glimpse about the power of God since He is surrounded by clouds and thick dust in such a way that he is too glorious to be seen by mortal man. Anyone who saw the face of God died and only the prophet Moses is known to have spoken face to face with Him. The Lord is perfect and just and He is the ruler of Heaven and earth, that is why His throne lies in the foundations of justice. In our last day on earth which is known as the judgement day, he will be the supreme judge and He will judge everyone according to the things that they did on earth.

You cannot doubt the power of God because He is the creator of heaven and earth and everything in it which is simply referred to as the universe. Men have tried to copy the work of the hand of God but even up to now, no human has ever successfully given rise to a living thing from nothingness. Scientists have tried cloning animals, magicians have tried raising the dead but they have failed miserably because the breath that gives life is God's himself. God is known to have several attributes and one of His marvellous attributes is that He is unlimited. By being unlimited, it means that He is timeless and He has been there before the beginning of time, at present and He will be there till the end of the world.

God is omnipresent. His omnipresent nature allows Him to be everywhere at the same time. He is the silent listener to our conversations and the silent witness to our ways. Christians should strive to proclaim the gospel rather than slander and gossip because each and every believer will be charged according to his words. They should also strive to do good deeds which will bring them blessings rather than things which would make Him unhappy; everything both good and bad will be recorded and judged accordingly. The scripture says that it is better to cut off a body part which would lead you to sin rather than be punished in the last days. This simply means that God is perfect and he hates sin but he loves the sinners.

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