NIV Psalm 98.6

Verse Psalm 98.6

6 with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn - shout for joy before the Lord, the King.

Verse Psalm 98.6 with Trumpets And

Braulio Tucker opinion on Verse Psalm 98.6 with Trumpets And

The book of psalms talks about the power and nature of God. King David found favor in the eyes of God and this inspired him to sing songs of praise as a way of glorifying God. Psalms chapter 98 verse 6 urges Christians to rejoice in the lord their God with all instruments they have. The Almighty father, creator of heaven and earth has revealed Himself to mankind in different ways. He has done great things to humanity and therefore He deserves praise and honor. Christians can relate to God's mercy and unending love in their lives today.

Satan comes to steal, kill and to destroy. He knows his time is near and is trying hard to win over as many souls as possible. Satan has captured minds of people through drugs, sex, money, politics, greed, lust and other desires of the flesh.

The beauty about this is that Jesus Christ left with us the holy spirit which gives us strength to overcome temptations from the devil. By reading the word of God, we get to know Him better and understand our purpose in life. God the son defeated the devil on the cross and delivered us from eternal curse. By believing in the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and rose again on the third day, we get salvation. The bible says that God the son is seated on the right hand of the father and no one gets to the father except through Him. This clearly shows that by coming to earth in the form of human being. God has revealed His salvation to mankind and His righteousness and love endures forever.

He showed mercy on the Israelite's and delivered them from captivity in Egypt. Through Moses and Joshua, the Almighty father led them into Canaan, the land of milk and honey. Though the people of Israel forgot about God's favor and started worshiping idols, he still found in His heart to forgive them and reconcile with them. This showed that He is enduring and abundant in mercy and faithfulness. Through this act of love, all nations witnessed salvation of the Lord. This is reason enough to give Him praise and glory.

The book of psalm urges Christians to worship the Lord with all their hearts, mind and strength. They should sing songs of praise, rejoice and be joyful for the Lord is good. King David sang to the lord and danced until his clothes fell off. Because he worshiped the Lord in truth and spirit, he found favor before God and men. He won battles and was given wisdom to rule over people of Israel. Even though he had his shortcomings, he was quick to repent and ask for forgiveness. Despite his weaknesses and sinful nature, the Lord still had mercy on him and forgave him.

This reminds us that our God is a God of second chance and He is slow to anger. He quickly forgives and accept whoever repents and turns to Him. All this is testimony that we serve a living God who is full of love and mercy and therefore deserves praise and glory.

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