NIV Revelation 12.9

Verse Revelation 12.9

9 The great dragon was hurled down - that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

Verse Revelation 12.9 The Great Dragon

Jacques Carter opinion on Verse Revelation 12.9 The Great Dragon

This scripture starts with allegory depicting fearful images that startle your mind as you begin to read it. For those who have watched horror movies, most of them feature dragons as the main characters in which humans run for their lives. Therefore, whenever dragons are mentioned, people associate them with horror. Why does this scripture start with such a hideous name? God knows how human beings fear such things, therefore in order to paint a picture of what awaits them, he involves such images aware that they will jerk people's minds. You remember that the book of Revelation opens with how events will unfold in the near future. Therefore, the setting is futuristic and whatever interpretation you give to these symbolic messages must be accurate or you risk missing the point.

A woman represents the church in biblical terms as has been used widely in the scripture. That being said, the birth of Jesus was one of the prophecies typified in this scripture. Jesus is the Son of God who came for a very important mission. How did he come? Virgin gave birth to him which therefore suggests that a woman was involved in his birth. A dragon should have been there to devour him immediately he was born. Did that happen? Yes because Herod on hearing that a king was born, being the ruler of Judea, ordered that all male children born around that time be killed. Herod's main aim was to kill Jesus since he was afraid of him.

Herod would have killed Jesus had his parents not acted in haste to move out. They traveled to Egypt where they hid until the time appointed had elapsed. All happened to fulfil a prophecy that said that God would call his son out of Egypt. Everything that happens around you fulfils a certain biblical prophecy if only you can scrutinize carefully. Symbolically, it was Herod who the scripture addressed as the Dragon. That being said, you can now go further and explore how many times should come, whether He will still face the same forces or not.

Jesus' first birth, as you have seen, was by the Virgin Mary according to Isaiah 9. That is the time Jesus should appear as the Son of Man. While comforting His disciples, he told them of his second coming as the Holy Spirit, the comforter who would remind them of the things they had learned while guiding them into the future. That goes to show that the body of believers should be the one that brings Him forth. No wonder that church underwent great persecution that saw many lose their lives. That was the dragon at work, trying to destroy that power in them.

The lesson you learn in this is that there are powers that want to destroy God's powers always in every dispensation. The other coming is when Jesus returns as Son of David who then is installed as king over the whole earth. Again, there is no doubt that some forces will want to thwart that by trying to destroy the power of God in Him. Therefore biblical symbols do fulfil compound predictions as you can see in this lesson.

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