NIV Revelation 15.4

Verse Revelation 15.4

4 Who will not fear you, Lord, and bring glory to your name?For you alone are holy.All nations will come and worship before you,for your righteous acts have been revealed."[b]

Verse Revelation 15.4 Who Will Not Fear

Billy Jaramillo opinion on Verse Revelation 15.4 Who Will Not Fear

Revelation chapter 15 verse 4 is one interesting scripture that admonishes Christians to fear God and also gives a valid reason why that must be so. The scriptures go on to ask who will not fear Jehovah and glorify God's name, with the reason that God is loyal. What does it mean to fear Jehovah? How is Jehovah loyal? In what ways? This piece gives an answer to these interesting questions. When we hear the word "fear" what comes to mind is dread for someone or something. But as regards God it is something else like cultivating a healthy or wholesome fear for him.

The scriptures make it clear that fear of God is the beginning of wisdom but this is not a morbid dread of Jehovah, but that which results from a deep respect for Jehovah's personality with godly qualities which is seen from creations or Jehovah's word. That is why in Revelation Moses made it clear that God's works are great, wonderful along with having righteous and true ways because of loyalty. Jehovah is always loyal as regarding faithful Christians, showing this loyalty in numerous ways. In fact, some even say Jah's loyalty is matchless. It is found in what Revelation chapter 15 verse 4 says that he alone is loyal. Why is he alone loyal?

Loyalty is a facet of love and God is love because God is the exact personification of that quality, no one can display loyalty more than him. Even if humans or angels some times displays love and loyalty, our heavenly father does this to a superlative degree. So in what way Jehovah has done this? Let's look at three ways, first in God's works, followed by the lives of faithful servants, and finally in remaining faithful with all promises he has given.

Recall in God's dealing with the Israelites Psalms 136 answers how God was loyal through a number of saving acts, especially in the red sea. In chapter 136 the writer used the phase loving-kindness, loyalty, and says that it is to time indefinite. All of God's dealings exhibits the quality to a superlative degree. What about Jehovah's dealing with Christians Jehovah remains loyal to the standards he sets for Christians. He doesn't act by sentiments, God's view on matters have remained the same as he is considerate of faithful servants, especially on what he asks from them. So when we follow God's direction we can be sure to benefit.

Jah also shows loyalty by remaining faithful to his word of promise. If Jah say something, it comes to pass and Jehovah made this clear when emphasizing that his word is just like a raindrop. It doesn't return to him without a result. God remains consistent with his word and has shown it with a number of his servants. Heavenly father always honors his word that was why Joshua said not one word of God's promise has failed, as they all came to pass. May we make try to have a wholesome fear of God because Jehovah is loyal till time indefinite.

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