NIV Revelation 17.15

Verse Revelation 17.15

15 Then the angel said to me, "The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.

Verse Revelation 17.15 Then The Angel S

Roan Stanley opinion on Verse Revelation 17.15 Then The Angel S

It is not hidden to any man, whether spiritual or not, that the whole world is corrupt, and several human being, are not ready to change from their bad ways at all. These countries of earth, are filled with all kinds of unrighteous things, ranging from violence, to all sort of immoral things, which are done to personal body. Corruption of all kinds, malicious acts, and things that are detrimental to the well beings of others, are all the features of this world.

From previous generations, to the present one, there has been billions of descendants of Adam, who have justifiably committed the sins, that are worse than what he did. Even though several men had blamed the first man, it is not a fair thing, to say that he was the worst sinner that had ever lived, as thousands had done worse. An angel in that statement, revealed many facts to the man, just from the beginning of the book, and they point towards the end of life. He revealed that the waters, that could be seen at that time, was an indication of the sinful kind of people from all walks of life.

Surely, the population of people that had lived, and are living, can never be estimated, as many tribes had existed, without any form of record. These enormous populations, is reasonably linked to that of vast body of water, which can never be counted, as in this case. Meanwhile, this set of humans, are the sinful ones, who never repented of their sins, and those who are unbelieving or fearful to receive the gospel. They are those multitude, that were separated from the saints, after living their lives in a regretful way, and giving their soul to the devil. A devilish being that was described here, should be the devil, that had convinced this large population to turn against the almighty.

She sits over them, to control their life, to maneuver their lives, then make them to permanently turn against the lord, who could have saved them. Those dubious methods that Lucifer used, to tame his prey, are called temptations, and this is the only tool, that he was using continuously, from the beginning of time. Described as a prostitute, due to corruption, and the cunning means, that she uses in making people to fall against the rule of the almighty. She sits confidently after accomplishing all her works, making lives completely doomed for hell, this is so unfortunate, therefore everyone must take note of that.

This misery should be known to everyone, and that is the purpose of gospel, the real intent of Satan should also be exposed to all human. Having that knowledge, will make people conscious of themselves at all times, they will be concerned about the end of time, and will correct their ways always. Satan is not different from these manifold descriptions, that were written in our bible, he completely emulates all these things, but can never change from doing bad, everyone should be cautious.

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