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Verse Romans 11.7

7 What then? What the people of Israel sought so earnestly they did not obtain. The elect among them did, but the others were hardened,

Verse Romans 11.7 What Then? What T

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Paul strategically places Israel according to election plan of God in which he brings forth a number of lessons worth consideration. He does not believe that Israel could have rejected their Messiah just like that, they were hoodwinked. Paul speaks of the election process in which both Israel and the gentiles are allotted different dispensations. To him, predestination is key to the events that have led to Israel rejecting the Messiah. A closer look at this broad subject brings out this lesson vividly, placing the work of election as a central post in the work of grace. Jesus himself mentioned something about the predestination when he said that not one that the father gave him could be lost except the son of perdition.

Again in John 1, the Bible said that Jesus came to his own but they didn’t receive him. This fundamentally proves that there is election in which God planned events before time. Could God really blind the people so He can bring the gentiles in? The answer is yes because Romans explains another incidence in which God chose Jacob before conception. It says categorically that for election to stand, the two children no yet born, god determined that the older would serve the younger. How circumstances steered them to fulfil this scripture is a hard nut but it happened exactly.

Moses was also born a leader, being at a time there was persecution in which male children were killed so the scriptures could not be fulfilled. Pharaoh had heard from inside sources that a male child was about to be born who would become king over the people of Israel. Determined to thwart it Pharaoh commanded that that all male children be killed. Look at God’s election purpose impose itself in simplicity. Moses’ mother not willing to let him die, knowing that the infant was a leader, did an act of faith which landed it at Pharaoh’s palace. Adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, that election may stand, his own mother was appointed to take care of the infant.

Therefore, you can see Paul’s contention that Israel was blinded intentionally to give gentiles the opportunity to taste this work of grace. It is without a doubt that indeed they were blinded, and immediately Jesus announced after His resurrection that the gospel was now turning to gentiles. Romans 11 builds this thought boldly, laying emphasis on election which it purports to play a more prominent role. There is no doubt that God has rules concerning dispensations. Look at the way prophets were chosen, no major prophets appeared on earth at the same time. That is what dispensations entail, placing everything in a given order.

It is without a doubt then God uses seasons, dispensations and times in certain orderliness which fulfil God's purpose. Predestination is part of this process even as verse 11 states. Is there unrighteousness with God? Why would he allow the blinding of innocent souls just to fulfil a purpose? The answer is yes, but people do not understand his ways and why God does things in a certain way. If only people can believe in all what the prophets have said in regard to his purpose.

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