NIV Ruth 2.18

Verse Ruth 2.18

18 She carried it back to town, and her mother-in-law saw how much she had gathered. Ruth also brought out and gave her what she had left over after she had eaten enough.

Verse Ruth 2.18 She Carried It B

Cristian Cortes opinion on Verse Ruth 2.18 She Carried It B

Whenever I hear about Ruth one thing that comes into my mind, is the inspiring messages of the book of Ruth. She is basically a person who displays selfless compassion will be rewarded in the end. Naomi is the one who is introduced at the begging of this great book. We are them told about her two sons and their wives. Naomi had two daughters in law who were by the name Ruth and Orpah.

A sequence of tragedies happened leaving all of them as widows. All three women as widows were quite a tragedy. After a while, Naomi decides to move back to her original home that was the land of Israel. She set her journey and She asked the two daughters to remain behind since they belonged there. The two ladies declined to Naomi’s offer they wanted to follow her to wherever she was going. They insisted but Naomi wanted to stay and maybe look for other husbands since Naomi had none left.

Orpah later accepts to be left behind but Ruth could not hear any of that. She told Naomi that wherever she goes she will go and whatever she will eat she will as well take. They did not have much so they needed to buy food and other kinds of stuff. Ruth offered herself to work in a field in order to support herself and her mother in law. She chooses to work in Boaz’s land who happened to be Naomi’s relatives.

Ruth worked there for a long period of time and Boaz noticed Ruth almost immediately. He noticed her because she was a very hard-working and respectable woman. Boaz praised her for the great deeds and he prayed that may Lord almighty remember her and reward her richly for taking good care of Naomi in such a lovely manner. She took care of Naomi just like she could have done to her real mother.

Ruth later married Boaz, he was much older than Ruth but that did not hinder them from marrying each other. Their son brought so much joy and many blessings for Ruth who was purely a foreigner. Boaz helped the two ladies from acquiring their belongings which they had abandoned. Naomi was happy to see the success that her daughter in law had acquired over time, God had remembered her.

Ruth's royalty made her rise from a nobody to a somebody, God blessed her because of her selfless characters. The story of Ruth teaches us a lot about helping each other and for being resilient. Ruth loved her mother in law so much and she was very loyal to her. She offered to help her in a very selfless manner. I believe these deeds are the ones that helped her rise to higher levels. It teaches us that in all the good deeds we do God will surely reward us, it may not be immediately but it will come to pass. So do not grow wearily of doing the right things, believe in God at all times.

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