NIV Titus 3.10

Verse Titus 3.10

10 Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them.

Verse Titus 3.10 Warn A Divisive

Cyrus Kline opinion on Verse Titus 3.10 Warn A Divisive

There is no other place to get real and godly advice apart from the leaders at the church, that you know to be full of the Spirit of God, and are always ready to teach the young ones. Being a leader and a teacher are two different things, but there is nothing more pleasing than having these two qualities in a person, an example is Paul, the Apostle of the Gospel. He was able to influence and affect the lives of the church as a whole, the aged and the young, teaching the Truth of the Kingdom of Heaven, and admonishing them on Faith. Timothy could be said to be a christain follower of Paul, and the same could be said of Titus too, a young believer in whom Paul sees as a relentless soldier for the Works of God. Discipleship in Christainity is highly necessary because it entails the proper grooming of the coming generations, so that the faith of the ancient times would be extended as well.

Chapter three of the letter to Titus mainly focuses on obedience to civil and political authorities, humility and meekness, observance, steadfastness on Belief and christain communal living. Some people so not know how to react to certain situations, and when they handle things, they get out of hand, and they would not be easy to control any more. One of those necessities is love, as God tells His children every time, that love is the most principal to get the top list of priorities because it is the foundation of creation. Without love from the Almighty, human beings would not have gotten another chance at getting into the heavenly kingdom, as the book of John chapter three says. You are expected to deal with the brethren with this and peace, thinking about the mercy that has found you, even in your mistakes.

He made a mention that believers do not need to speak ill of anyone, speaking badly about their past lives or what they have done, so that they will not abuse the mercy gotten. Backbiting in the church or environment is something that destroys the link between God and man, and also man to man, and spoils relationships that may not be repaired. Rather, you have to maintain you humble posture and attitude to everyone, that is both believers and unbelievers, so that the Glory of God can be seen brighter. The point is stressed further by the Apostle in verse ten, when it comes to dealing with a member of the church that is quite adamant and stubborn about correction. Instead of you to condemn him and talk bad of him to people around, there are better ways to deal with the situation, like prayer requests to God to save his soul.

Jesus teaches you to be a good shepherd, who will go inside the bush to look for a lost soul through two parables, meaning that such lost person should not be abandoned nor forsaken. After the first and the second warning from you, the next task for you is to commit the person into the hands of the Almighty, who has the capability of saving him alone. There is no point in leaving a brother's sin to his neck, making him to condemn him already, you have to follow up and bring them back to the Light.

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