NIV Zechariah 10.4

Verse Zechariah 10.4

4 From Judah will come the cornerstone, from him the tent peg,from him the battle bow, from him every ruler.

Verse Zechariah 10.4 From Judah Will C

Zach Hadley opinion on Verse Zechariah 10.4 From Judah Will C

Judah was selected from all the siblings when they were receiving the prayers from their father, this changed all situations till this moment. Even God made him a special person and decided to plan big things for his children, this is one of the several promises made by him. The plan of bringing a savior or redeemer to the earth has always been intact and every plan or actions which had happened, favored it. This part of God’s selected people, were really loved or specially regarded by the creator himself, he is very fond of them and plan good for them always.

So, it is not a surprise and not unfair for him to make a decision to find a messiah from them, from this same tribe that he really loved. He decides well always and his plans and actions were justified by true love and a special concern that he always have for them grows with age. God sees them as the firstborn truth be said, since the other children of the elderly ones could not get the blessings passed down to them. It is not a bias and Jehovah will never be biased towards making someone great for no reasons, they are the tribe that regarded him more than others. They make mistakes like other tribes but they repent and never totally forget their origin and relations like other people will always do foolishly.

Their folly did not persist for too long and they are called back at every moment that marks a sinful period or distrust times. Judah’s love from the creator was never void of correction, anytime they do a wrong act or refuse to act rightly, they get fair punishment from him. And this indicates a tribe ready to accept discipline and take up the task given to them by the Almighty and this made him love them more. The prophecy is among several of those ones made by Zechariah himself, and it is a special one. But, he was not the only or first revealer of the great news of who will be the godly savior of everyone, but he was a significant seer.

He wrote and confirmed the words of his predecessor and did not say a single thing just to favor this part of the country, he just stated the truth only. Our lord uses any seer that will not compromise or become selfish with his word or monetize and politicize any of the things he is revealing. Judah’s choice was perfectly revealed and it is not different from any of those prior revelations, this shows he is a truthful and gifted messenger. The anticipated and approved part of the country later gave the whole world the expected savior, and he achieved all the words coming from him. Every truth told will always stand and will eventually be fulfilled because the truth is always on point at the end of all things. Zechariah’s prophecy was from the great revealer himself and this is why it must stand and no changes of any kind was made to this.

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